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Sexy Music Videos From 2009

2009's Stickiest, Steamiest Music Videos Are Simply Unforgettable

Sexy Music Videos From 2009
Image Source: Youtube user Lady Gaga

From seductive dance moves to sultry stares, sexy music videos have been around since video killed the radio star. As 2019 wraps up, we can't help but think back to the way things were a decade ago. While it's true that this year has been hotter than hot for the art of song to video, 2009 was nothing to scoff at. It marked the beginning of a sexy era, a turning point in which we were blessed with viral hits such as the thirst-trap-laden "Blame It" and the Gaga-Beyoncé synergy of "Video Phone." To celebrate a decade of hot and bothered artists, here's a window to the past with 2009's sexiest music videos — you'll want to wipe the glass, because it's about to get steamy! With Shakira, Beyoncé, and Britney Spears in the mix, we can't go wrong.

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