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Siren Season 2 Air Date

Siren Is Coming Back — Here's When You Can Get Your Killer Mermaid Fix


Are you ready for more blood — er, mermaids? POPSUGAR can exclusively announce that Siren is returning to Freeform for season two come January 2019. The series captivated viewers this March with its unstereotypical take on the usually fantastical mermaid. In Bristol Cove, mermaids are less friendly sea creatures hoping a prince scoops them up and more aligned with a murderous shark, à la Jaws.

Season two will include 16 episodes, and executive producers Emily Whitesell and Eric Wald revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that fans can expect more mermaids to wash ashore next season. Ryn will get some killer friends, it seems. But when does the show actually return? Freeform hasn't shared a hard premiere date just yet, but we do know we can prepare for a drama-filled Winter. In the meantime, get reacquainted with the cast and catch up on all episodes from season one.

Image Source: Freeform
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