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Sister, Sister Cast Quotes About the Reboot

Everything the Sister, Sister Cast Has Said About the Upcoming Reboot

In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard yet, a Sister, Sister reboot is officially happening! Now, we know what you're thinking — not another reboot. Normally, we'd agree with you, but in this case, it's Sister, Sister! We're talking about Tia and Tamera Mowry, Jackée Harry (Lisa Landry), and Tim Reid (Ray Campbell)! Harry was the first to confirm the news when she appeared on Steve Harvey's show in January, and since then, details have slowly started trickling in. Here's everything the cast has said so far about the revival.

Tamera Mowry

  • On where the reboot lies at the moment: "We are in the process of making it happen. Mainly, because of you guys. That is true, but nothing is confirmed yet. When it happens, Tia and I will be the first to tell you guys. There are a few things that we still have to tweak and fix, but it's definitely moving on. Everybody has signed the contracts, so everyone is on board. We're excited.

Tia Mowry

  • On finalizing the reboot: "My sister and I are taking meetings as we speak, so it's definitely closer than ever to making this reboot happen. We are being told that they want it to be or happen next year [2018] in the Fall. So, it's going by so fast. We're talking about working with the producers who were producers on the show 15, 20 years ago. Just to be sitting in these meetings with them 20 years later, it's crazy. I think fans will love it because I just feel every blessed and honored that people are still following my sister and I 20 years later. So I think they'll be exited to see where we are right now and to see our dynamic right now. We're just excited to just give back to the fans and make them happy, that's really one of the main reasons why we're doing it."
  • On the hurdle they have to overcome before moving forward: "The thing that I can tell you is we're trying everything that we can possibly do to make everybody happy and the fans happy. The thing is there's no new news that I can report to you, but it's not dead. There's a hurdle that we have to jump. There's only one other hurdle and once we jump this hurdle, it's on and cracking. We just have to wait until that kind of fleshes itself out."
  • On finding a new home for the show: "We have the writers. We have everything. Everything is in place, so we're going to be taking meetings in the next few months, so we'll see."
  • On finding a new concept for the show: "I'd like it to be where we are in our lives right now. We're moms with children, but I would like for the show to really focus on sisterhood and the strengths and weaknesses of sisterhood.
  • On who's returning for the revival: "As I know of now, definitely Jackée Harry [Lisa Landry] and Tim Reid [Ray Campbell] will definitely be part of the show."

Jackée Harry

  • On the show returning: "Yeah, it's happening. I'm excited. Tia and Tamera [Mowry] are my babies! They won't leave me alone. I can't get rid of none of these women."

RonReaco Lee (Tyreke Scott, Tia's College Boyfriend)

  • On whether he'd want to be a part of the revival: "Of course, I'm on on board!
  • On where Tyreke would be today: "Being that he was a security guard when they went to college at the University of Michigan, I think he's parlayed that into a full-on firm. He's doing bodyguard work and he's got people all over the place. He's doing big things."
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