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Song in Orange Is the New Black Season 6 Trailer

We Tracked Down That Excellent Fiona Apple Cover in OITNB's Season 6 Trailer

Orange Is the New Black's season six is here, and along with it, a whole lot of anxiety. Not only have all of the series' beloved characters been separated within a dangerous maximum security facility, but they're also caught up in a violent turf war between rival groups in the new prison, and being persuaded to turn on each other in a shady investigation conducted by the company that ran Litchfield. Clearly the three-day prison riot that went down last season has had major consequences. Fortunately we have something to take your mind off of the stress: the musicians behind that incredible Fiona Apple cover in the season six trailer.

At the 1:30 minute mark, above, you can hear the upbeat cover of Apple's 1996 hit "Criminal." With lyrics like "What I need is a good defense / Cause I'm feelin' like a criminal / And I need to be redeemed / To the one I've sinned against / Because he's all I ever knew of love," we're surprised the show hasn't used it before. Although we're huge fans of the original song, the cover by St. Urbain and Lissie is undeniably catchy, and the perfect track to listen to after binging season six. Check it out in full below, or listen to it over on Spotify!

"Criminal" by St. Urbain feat. Lissie

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