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Stretch Movie Trailer

This Trailer Starring Chris Pine, Patrick Wilson, and Ed Helms Is Insane

Make sure no one is watching your computer, and tune in for the red-band trailer for Stretch. It's a bizarre adventure movie starring Patrick Wilson as a limo driver, Ed Helms as the thin-mustached ghost haunting him, and Chris Pine as . . . I don't even know what. This trailer is like a short tour of the debauchery that (apparently) happens late at night in Hollywood, and there's a lot of cursing, boobs, and just generally eyebrow-raising activities. In case you saw that awkward clip of Wilson and Brooklyn Decker filming a sex scene, this is the flick it's from. Of all the movie trailers you could watch today, this one is worth checking out, if only because this movie might live on in cult fan clubs for years to come. Stretch is out on VOD now.

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