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Tag Movie Cast Video

Watching the Ladies of Tag Absolutely Roast Their Male Costars Will Fill You With Joy

Have you seen the hilarious trailer for Tag yet? Because despite the film's seemingly wacky premise — a group of best friends and former classmates have been playing the same epic game of tag for over 30 years — it looks like it's going to be unexpectedly heartwarming. That being said, a film with the likes of Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Jake Johnson, Ed Helms, Isla Fisher, Leslie Mann, Annabelle Wallis, and Hannibal Buress obviously won't be without some seriously great one-liners. To celebrate its June 15 release date, Mann, Fisher, and Wallis teamed up for an exclusive clip where they roast the hell out of their male costars. ("Hi, I'm Jon Hamm," Wallis jokes in a deep voice. "Ladies like my face a lot.") Watch it above!

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