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Teens Listen to '90s Hits Video

Kids These Days Can't Identify Most '90s Hits

Are you ready to feel both superior to today's youth and also completely ready to crawl into bed and cry at the same time? Great, because there's a video out featuring teenagers struggling to identify gigantic hits from the '90s. The playlist includes "The Sign" by Ace of Base ("I like the Pitch Perfect version better"), "Basket Case" by Green Day ("Why does it sound like Panic! at the Disco?"), and "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey featuring Boyz II Men ("My mom likes Boyz II Men"). Most importantly, do they know "I Want It That Way" is by Backstreet Boys and not *NSYNC? It's all fine until the girl who was born in December 1999 calls herself a '90s girl and says she should know the music of her people better. Let be real: she's never seen any of this.

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