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Timeless TV Show Twist

Let's Talk About That Cliffhanger in the Timeless Premiere

NBC's Timeless premiered on Monday, and it certainly lived up to our expectations. Even though there are quite a few time-traveling shows on the Fall lineup this year, the series managed to steer away from the typical sci-fi genre and focus more on the aspects of American history as the three main characters make their way through different eras of time. Not only did the plot keep us on our toes, but the episode really kept us guessing with the twist ending. If you didn't tune in, but are still intrigued, get the rundown on what happens here. Warning: major spoilers ahead.

The Setup

After a man named Garcia Flynn seizes a time machine, Homeland Security enlists the help of three unlikely people — a coder, a solider, and a history professor — to save the day. While they aren't able to configure where exactly Garcia went, they do know when: May 6, 1937, the day of the Hindenburg disaster. The three travel back in time to stop him from rewriting history, but are met with a series of obstacles along the way. Not only does Garcia actually stop the Hindenburg from crashing when it was supposed to, but he tries to kill John D. Rockefeller Jr., General Omar Bradley, and Russian aviation expert Igor Sikorsky on the aircraft's return trip. Even though the three manage to save all but two people on board, they later realize that there are some major repercussions for altering the past.

The Twist

Once the gang makes it back to the future, all seems well as the crew is exactly where they left them. While history has definitely been altered, much of the characters' storylines are still the same. Lucy sighs a breath of relief and returns to her home, calling for her younger sister. When she hears no reply, she is shocked to find her mother, who was originally dying of cancer, completely healthy in the kitchen. It's a sweet moment as she embraces her mom, but unfortunately there is more to the story. Through tears, she asks where her sister is, but her mother has no idea what she's talking about. Lucy frantically runs around the house calling for her, only to find that the picture frame that once housed a photo of the three of them now only shows her and her mother. Yes, her mother is happy and healthy, but now her sister doesn't exist. As she tries to get a grip on her new reality, she receives a call from Agent Denise Christopher with Homeland Security alerting her that Garcia is on the move again, and that her presence is needed in the lab. Lucy tries to compose herself, asking where he is, before remembering the most important question is actually, "When?"

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