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Trevor Holmes American Idol Audition Video

Katy Perry Was VERY Flustered by This Hot American Idol Contestant — Can You Blame Her?

The American Idol reboot is underway, and the competition is shaping up to be pretty fierce already. Among the pool of talented hopefuls are David Francisco, the formerly paralyzed singer who brought Katy Perry to tears with his angelic voice; Alyssa Raghu, the 15-year-old who blew away the judges with her take on an Ariana Grande hit; and let's not forget Trevor Hottie — er, I mean, Holmes. The 27-year-old California native totally stole the spotlight, along with judge Katy Perry's heart, during his audition — and it's easy to see why.

As soon as Trevor stepped into the audition room, he was met with a "Good lord, you're a dreamboat" from host Luke Bryan, and Perry quickly added, "Yeah, my eyes lit up," before blatantly saying, "You're so hot." I mean, can you blame her? Just look at him!

A few moments later, when Trevor responded "Yes, ma'am" to Perry, she replied, "Don't call me ma'am!" He told her, "I'm sorry, I just respect you so much." Perry fired back, "Don't respect me!" LOL, this is too much to handle. Once Katy's fangirling subsided, Holmes performed his own rendition of Brett Young's "In Case You Didn't Know," and spoiler alert: he absolutely nailed it.

The dreamy singer didn't only capture Perry's heart when he made his TV debut, as plenty of other viewers took to Twitter to express their love for his killer good looks and heavenly voice. Watch his audition performance above, and then see some of the hilariously thirsty reactions from both Perry and American Idol fans below.

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