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This Is Us Season 1 Winter Finale Spoiler

This Is Us: Something Major Just Happened on the Winter Finale

Kate cannot catch a break, you guys. We knew the Winter finale of This Is Us would be a doozy (with a title like "Last Christmas," how could it not be?), but we truly couldn't have predicted that twist. You may have assumed that it would be William's last Christmas. Nope, though we do find out that he's gay — and in a relationship with Denis O'Hare! You may have even thought it would be Dr. Nathan's last Christmas, as he resurfaces in this episode. Alas, it appears to be Toby's last Christmas. He flies all the way to Randall's house to reunite with Kate, confesses his love for her, tells her he'll diet for her (makeup sex ensues), and just when you thought we were safe, that perhaps we had escaped a heartbreaking twist, Toby keels over the coffee table. The last we see of him, he's flat-lining on an operating table.

We thought nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve! This Is Us lied to us.

Image Source: NBC
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