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The Vampire Diaries Recap of "Man on Fire"

The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody of This Week's Vampire Diaries

We're hurtling toward the end of the season for The Vampire Diaries, but things really amp up in this week's episode. Though we're held hostage with the gang for much of the episode, there is one huge death, plus one slightly crazy revelation about the Travelers scheme. Oh, and one of our main characters could see the end of her days very soon as well. Ready to break it all down? Let's talk about Enzo and everything else in this week's good, bad, and bloody.

The Good

  • Let's get this out of the way: Enzo is dead. I have a lot of mixed emotions about his death, but before we get to those, here's how it all goes down. Enzo's great love from the 1960s, Maggie, had been murdered years ago, and Enzo becomes convinced that Stefan ripper-ed her to pieces. With a whole fun hostage situation for Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, Liv, and some randoms, Enzo tries to get the truth. But twist! Damon knows Stefan didn't do it . . . because he did it.
  • I have more thoughts later about the murder scene, but it's a great, tragic twist that Damon kills Maggie. He didn't know she was Enzo's girl, so he casually, you know, squeezes her head off. Also, he looks great in that outfit. Is that weird to say here?
  • It's kind of heartbreaking that Enzo can't bring himself to kill or hate Damon because he's all he has left. Aw, friendship! (Aside: remember Alaric? These people need to make more friends). Anyway, Enzo does the weird cheater vampire thing of turning off "his switch," and suddenly, he's unfeeling and ready to party. And by party, I mean bite, maim, and try to kill Elena and Stefan when they try to stop him.
  • And then the actual death. Sigh. In a scenario with logistics I'm still confused about, Enzo kills himself by forcing Stefan to tear out his heart, the intention being that it's his final act of revenge of against Damon. He figures he'll make Damon hate his own brother for killing his BFF, but I figure this whole thing could be cleared up with a brief conversation. Less logically, Stefan decides he'd rather keep a huge secret by saying Enzo has just run off to Cape Horn.
  • Meanwhile, at Traveler house, Markos is doing the doppelgänger spell while doppel-Tyler looks on, and apparently, it works. The spell, aided by a profusion of doppelgänger blood, has given them a way to take away the magic in Mystic Falls and make all the vampires not vampires — all in the name of having a place to live. Seems like a simple wish with a very complicated process. I guess we're supposed to be scared for all our vampire friends, but they're pretty resilient.

The Bad

  • Reason number one I'm sad to see Enzo go: It really seemed like he was going to be a viable love interest for Caroline. I want to see her move on from Tyler, and Klaus is showing no signs of coming back. Give a girl a break!
  • OK. We have to worry about Bonnie's life again?! I feel like we've already lost her 50 times! Let this girl live or die, but pick one, please.
  • I can only hope that the Travelers' grandiose plan means everything will come to a head in the finale, and I assume they'll be defeated and wiped out then. The bad news: there are three more episodes to go with these Traveler yahoos.

The Bloody

  • We have seen some nasty kills on this show, but Maggie's murder really takes the cake. Damon squeezes her head off! Ugh! And it comes off so cleanly! What is going on here?
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