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Vin Diesel Interview About Furious 7 With Jimmy Kimmel

Vin Diesel Teases the Next Chapter in the Fast and Furious Franchise

The Furious 7 cast is all over this week promoting the new film. Vin Diesel chatted with Jimmy Kimmel, sharing a peek at the film and taking about the insane stunts they had to do. Kimmel briefly touched on the loss of Paul Walker, which Diesel discussed in detail recently. The highlight of this clip, however, is a little tease about the next installment of the franchise. Kimmel asked about the addition of Kurt Russell to the cast, to which Vin responded, "We really hired him for a story that follows this that takes place in New York," he said. "Cool stuff that not everybody knows." We'll just listen to Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" and stare at all the Furious 7 pictures until we hear more.

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