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The Whispers Review

3 Reasons American Horror Story Fans Should Watch Lily Rabe's New Show, The Whispers

Fans of American Horror Story's Lily Rabe got to see the actress when she briefly stopped by last season to play Sister Mary Eunice, but for those of Rabe's fans that can't get enough of her, we have good news. Rabe has a new ABC show premiering on Monday night, The Whispers, and there are quite a few reasons to check it out, especially if you've enjoyed her on AHS.

1. She's the Lead

Rabe isn't just on this show; she's the lead. While she's been brilliant on American Horror Story and justly amassed a fan base, that series's use of an ensemble has meant that Rabe hasn't gotten as much screen time. On The Whispers, she's a central character, so she gets the focus and can show off what a great actress she is.

2. It's Nice to See Her Playing Someone Vaguely Normal

Rabe has had juicy roles on American Horror Story — this is a woman who has played a possessed nun and a Stevie Nicks-obsessed witch — but it's nice to see her as a more grounded character. As Claire Bennigan, she portrays an FBI specialist who deals with children, and the show also deals with her personal life as a mother who's dealing with a tragedy within her own family. She might not be dealing in witchcraft or channeling Satan, but Rabe's performance as an everywoman is impressive and satisfying.


3. The Show Is Dark Like American Horror Story

Let me be clear: The Whispers is nowhere near as twisted as AHS, but it does fit within the horror/sci-fi genre. While the pilot leaves a lot of the mystery open, it begins with a child listening to "whispers" from an imaginary friend who instructs her to kill her own mother as part of a game. There's so much more to it, but with the creepy tone, flickering lights, and sinister characters, The Whispers will satisfy TV fans who like things a little darker.

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