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Who Killed Wes on How to Get Away With Murder?

How to Get Away With Murder: Who Killed Wes?

How to Get Away With Murder has gone out of its way to prove to us that Wes Gibbons is completely, without question, super dead, showing us very graphic images of his burned corpse — and now we know who killed him. We found out about his fate on the Winter finale episode, and the second half of the season has been all about exposing how he dies. Of course, this is a Shonda Rhimes show, so there are a number of red herrings thrown in along the way.

After the midseason premiere, we were convinced that the killer is Frank, then in the penultimate episode of the season, we momentarily think it's Connor. But nope, none of the above. The real killer is . . . a hitman named Dominic! (Kind of a letdown, eh?) But wait, he's a hitman who is employed by . . . Laurel's dad, Jorge Castillo! And Dominic is a family friend of Laurel's!

"There might be a reveal," actress Karla Souza teased to Entertainment Weekly, speaking about what's to come next season. "I think they're going to humanize my father, so we're going to find out a real reason why he decided to kill Wes, but I do think it has to be rooted in something rather than just for the sake of it."


Shocking, and yet the real twist is that we're supposed to believe that Charles Mahoney (played by 32-year-old Wilson Bethel) fathered Wes (played by 28-year-old Alfred Enoch)? OK.

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