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Willow Smith "F Q-C #7" Music Video

Willow Smith's New Song Is on a Whole Other Level

Even if Willow Smith's catchy 2010 hit "Whip My Hair" wasn't your jam, you might still really enjoy the video for her latest song, "F Q-C #7." (It's pronounced "Frequency Number Seven," so don't worry about having to say that out loud.) It's a complete departure from the pop sound you might associate with her. Impressively, she wrote and produced the track herself and codirected the video. It feels very experimental, and the lyrics are about climbing trees and skipping class. At one point, there are four Willow Smiths, which, according to Smith via The FADER, represent her four chakras of self-confidence, voice, survival instinct, and the combination of everything. OK, then. Watch the video below, because it's mesmerizing.

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