The Ghost of Adele Can't Catch a Break in This Hilarious SNL Skit With Pete Davidson

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On the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, we were blessed with the presence of the hauntingly beautiful Adele and a blissfully unaware Pete Davidson. The skit, set in a creepy Blywood Manor-esque haunted house, found Adele telling her tale of misery in the hopes of terrifying an unwelcome trespasser. Much to her dismay, her visitor, Chad, played by the one and only Pete Davidson, appears far from spooked. In fact, halfway through Adele revealing she was brutally murdered by her husband, Chad actually stops to go to the bathroom, before he ends up accidentally burning the only piece of evidence she had. Not a wise move, Chad! Ghost appearances aside, it's safe to say Adele was a welcome guest on SNL, from her incredible outfits to her hilarious stint on The Bachelor, we can't stop watching.

Check out the video from the haunted house above.