Annie Murphy Is Out For Revenge in the New Genre-Warping Series Kevin Can F**K Himself

At first glance, Kevin Can F**K Himself seems like it has all the makings of a classic sitcom — corny jokes, laugh tracks, and a wife who's clearly better looking than her husband. However, minutes into the two-episode premiere, you begin to see a different side to the story.

The new AMC+ series follows Allison McRoberts (played by Annie Murphy), a seemingly stereotypical sitcom wife living in the small, suburban town of Worcester, MA, with her sloppy, football-loving, man-child-of-a-husband Kevin (played by Eric Petersen).

Mary Hollis Inboden as Patty, Annie Murphy as Allison, Eric Petersen as Kevin, Brian Howe as Pete, Alex Bonifer as Neil - Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC
Jojo Whilden/AMC

We meet the characters in a traditional sitcom setting: Kevin, his dad, and their neighbors, Neil and Patty, are in the blindingly bright living room playing beer pong.

Allison enters the scene carrying a laundry basket. She tells Kevin that she wants to go out to dinner for their 10th anniversary, rather than the frat-like rager he has planned. Labeling Allison the nagging, rule-enforcing wife, Kevin and his crew are quick to dismiss her.

Once she steps away from the living room, the show abruptly shifts into a new, dark setting. It's a space where Allison — and her rage — is front and center.

Annie Murphy as Allison - Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC
Jojo Whilden/AMC

Kevin Can F**K Himself turns the traditional sitcom format on its head by toggling between two drastically different worlds. There's the multicamera comedy that takes place within the confines of Allison and Kevin's home, and the dark drama where we see Allison realize her autonomy.

On the sitcom side, the show revolves around Kevin. Allison is merely a supporting character who's the punchline of her schlubby husband's jokes. But as Allison ventures on her own through the single-camera setup, a high-pitched ringing sound replaces the laugh track and the bright lights dim to a gloomy, bleak color scheme — unveiling the harsh reality behind her role as a sitcom wife.

Through this lens we see Allison working at a liquor store, becoming friends with a local diner owner (and ex-boyfriend), and even trying to buy drugs off of a mechanic.

Annie Murphy as Allison, Mary Hollis Inboden as Patty - Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC
Jojo Whilden/AMC

Patty, the next-door neighbor, seems to be the only other character that exists in the same limbo. On the sitcom side, Patty is one of the guys. She loves funneling beer and cracking lame jokes. When we see Patty through the single camera, she begins to form an unusual bond with Allison. Maybe it's because there's a sense of camaraderie between the two — they're both trying to find a real identity outside of the tired, stereotypical roles they were forced into.

Even before the two-episode premiere comes to a close, Allison's underlying despair bubbles to the surface. In her fits of rage, or what others might call an awakening, she smashes bottles into pieces, destroys her husband's prized sweatshirt, and begins to fantasize about killing Kevin.

Watch as Allison continues to navigate this warped sitcom world and become the main character in her own life. Stream the first three episodes of Kevin Can F**K Himself now on AMC+, then watch new episodes every Sunday.