Anya Taylor-Joy's SNL Monologue Got a Little Help From The Queen's Gambit's Green Pills

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Anya Taylor-Joy made her debut as host during Saturday Night Live's season finale this weekend. The 25-year-old actress kicked things off by mentioning her accent, which might come as a surprise to those hearing her outside of her Queen's Gambit role for the first time. "Now that you're hearing my accent, you may be surprised to know I was born in Miami, raised between Argentina and London, and my first language is Spanish," she said with a laugh. "So legally, my ethnicity is Fashion Week."

It didn't take long for Anya to poke fun at the smash-hit Netflix show. "For those of you who didn't see it, what were you doing all of quarantine?" she joked. "It was Tiger King and The Queen's Gambit that was the only new TV for like months." She even had a little help from the show's iconic imaginary chessboard, with an appearance from a few familiar faces as the chess pieces — our favorite being Kenan Thompson. "Queen's Gambit really helped me prepare for SNL — if I get nervous, I'll just take a handful of green pills and follow the cue cards." You can watch her full monologue in the video above.