The Bachelor: We Have a Good Feeling About Jessenia Cruz — Get to Know Her Now

Jessenia Cruz hasn't made too big of waves on The Bachelor yet, but she's definitely one of the contestants to watch. On the season's second episode, she had a touching conversation with Matt James about loyalty and infidelity, and her honesty made us (and Matt) take notice. So what do we actually know about this Texas gal? She's shared plenty of details about her life on social media and in her official bio, from her quirky likes and dislikes to her dreams of travel and much more. Keep reading for seven of the must-know details we've learned so far about Jessenia, as the season really gets rolling!

She's a Social Media Expert — It's Her Job!

Although Jessenia's personal social media following, at just over 8,000 followers, is relatively modest by Bachelor Nation standards, we know for a fact that she's a total expert at social media. It's, quite literally, her job: her official ABC bio lists "social media marketer" as her job title.

She's the Epitome of "Texas Forever"

Jessenia is a Texas girl and proud of it! Born and raised in San Antonio, her Instagram is full of proud Texas shots, like this cute pink-cowboy-hat-and-boots photoshoot.

She's a Former Pageant Queen

Like many Bachelor and Bachelorette stars of the past — notably, recent bachelorette Hannah Brown, among others — Jessenia has a past in the pageant world. She was crowned Miss El Paso in 2016.

She's Openly Religious

Jessenia is open about the fact that her Christian faith is very important to her — which is definitely something she has in common with Matt! "One of the things I love about El Paso is that we are a deeply religious community, we aren't afraid to show our love for the Lord, especially on this [Christmas] day," she wrote in one 2016 Instagram post.

She's Got Some Big Travel Dreams

In her official ABC bio, Jessenia reveals that one of her big dreams is to travel to some beautiful places around the world. "Jessenia wants someone with whom she can travel the world, but who will also indulge in a fabulous staycation," her bio reveals.

Jessenia has at least one major destination on her bucket list already: she "hopes to live in France for at least a year."

She's an Expert Antique Store Shopper

Scattered throughout Jessenia's Instagram are a handful of shots showing her antiquing with her friends. "Missing the carefree days of antique store hangs," she wrote in one April 2020 post.

She Appreciates the Fun Things in Life

Jessenia's ABC bio reveals that she's got a great sense of fun! She apparently loves escape rooms, and, when asked what decade she'd love to live in, she answered that "it would definitely be the '80s because of the music and super funky fashion."