What to Know About Pieper, the Bachelor Contestant With Matt's Same Last Name

Pieper James immediately got everyone's attention on The Bachelor this season for one obvious reason: her last name is the same as Bachelor Matt James's! So far, she hasn't made huge waves: she hasn't gotten a one-on-one date, but she also seems to have avoided the first batch of drama in the house. What else do we know about Pieper? The Oregon-based grad student is one of the season's younger contestants, at just 23 years old, but she's got plenty of personality and already started quite the career! While we wait to find out how successful Pieper will be on the show, take a peek at some of the fun facts we've learned about her.


She's Super Close to Her Family

Family plays a big part in Pieper's life, according to her official ABC bio. She gives a shout-out to her "wonderful family who has supported all her endeavors," and she also notes that she's especially close to her grandmother, whom she calls "Gram-cracker."


She Has at Least 1 Very Specific Dislike

Pieper reveals one particular quirk in her ABC bio: she "is not into picnics because the idea of sitting on the ground and eating is not appealing to her."


She's Literally a Model

In her Instagram bio, Pieper lists three different talent and modeling agencies that she has apparently worked with: Q6 Talent, 10mgmt, and The Source Models. Her portfolios on the agencies' websites reveal a wide range of photo shoots, from Nike athleticwear to wedding dresses by Claire Le Faye and much more.


She Has a Master's Degree

In her official ABC bio, it's revealed that Pieper has a master's degree in marketing. She posted these photos in June 2019 at her graduation from the University of Oregon, although it's not clear if they were from her undergrad or graduate ceremony; her bio also lists her occupation as "graduate student," so it's unclear if she's finished her master's or not.


She's a Fan of European Cars

One of Pieper's other interests? She's "very into European cars and dreams of owning a Rolls Royce one day," according to her ABC bio.


She Loves to Travel

From the looks of her Instagram, Pieper has gotten to go on some amazing trips around the world! She's traveled to Bali, Mexico, and San Francisco, among other beautiful locations.