63 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up This Season of The Bachelorette

eBecca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette is nearly over, and getting to this point involved so *clap* much *clap* DRAMA *clap* with her suitors. For instance, a number of disturbing revelations about two of the men came to light, David fell out of a bunk bed and basically broke his face, and Jean Blanc declared his love for Becca before taking it back 10 minutes later. (Reminder: all in the first four episodes.) Given how season 14 has basically become a nonstop emotional roller coaster for fans of the show, Bachelor Nation has brought their A-game when it comes to sharing observations about the reality show on social media. If you're in the mood to laugh (and cringe), check them out ahead.

Pretty much everyone was invested in Becca's journey from the start.

And some people wished THEY could be the Bachelorette themselves. (We don't blame them.)

Of course, there were some jabs here and there.

Especially when it was revealed that, um, ABC is kind of trash when it comes to background checks?

Jordan inspired plenty of commentary, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

Will the digs about Arie ever stop? Not likely.

The thirst for Colton was REAL.

And obviously no one could stop talking about his . . . experience.

May the phrase "let's do the damn thing" never be uttered ever again.

We're all in agreement that Venmo John was too pure for this world, right?

There were some double-takes going on this season.

And some really bizarre catch phrases, too.

As well as some REALLY bizarre opinions about the world (*rolls eyes for all eternity*).

All the tweets about Wills should be framed and put in the Met.

How does everyone feel about Garrett? Well . . .

And let's not forget that THIS happened.

Can Jason be the next Bachelor? Please, ABC? PLEASE?