Great Scott! The Back to the Future Cast Had a Virtual Reunion 35 Years Later

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Slip on a pair of Marty McFly's futuristic self-lacing shoes and get ready to take a mental trip back in time because the Back to the Future cast just got together for a virtual reunion! As a follow-up to his Goonies cast reunion video, Frozen star Josh Gad continued his "Reunited Apart" YouTube series by bringing together Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and more of the Back to the Future cast and crew to recreate some of the most memorable scenes from the iconic 1985 sci-fi film.

"Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there some problem with the Earth's gravitational pull, or something?" Lloyd said, reenacting one of his most famous scenes in the film. Back to the Future superfan J.J. Abrams also made an appearance to discuss his love for the movie and to get to the bottom of what inspired the classic film. The video ends with a special "Power of Love" performance by the Back to the Future musical cast. Watch the full video here to see the cast and crew discuss a potential Back to the Future reboot and explain where they think Marty and Doc Brown should take their time machine next.