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Best Bildungsroman or Coming-of-Age Books

15 Coming-of-Age Books That You Should Read at Any Age

Best Bildungsroman or Coming-of-Age Books
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The new year is a time to create and (hopefully) keep resolutions to better our lives and the lives of others. Why not include a resolution to become a more mature person? Coming-of-age books, also known as Bildungsromans, provide ample opportunities for us to grow at any age. If you found yourself scratching your head at this prompt in POPSUGAR's 2020 Reading Challenge, this 15-book list is for you. These works of fiction will challenge you to put yourself in other people's shoes and remind you of times when life threw more at you than you thought you could handle. So pull up a chair, get yourself comfortable, and get ready for a mental growth spurt or two.

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