Get Quizzed in the Face With the 15 Best Billy on the Street Videos

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Now that Billy Eichner is sharing screen time with Beyoncé and meeting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, it's hard to remember that he actually got his start screaming in the faces of unsuspecting New Yorkers in his Billy on the Street Funny or Die web series. But thanks to Netflix's decision to bring the series to its streaming service, we are reliving the hilarity that is Billy Eichner and his cabled microphone. The former Parks and Recreation star is limitless in his creativity and his ability to bring celebrity guests out of their shells. If you haven't gotten on the Billy on the Street train yet, we have several suggestions for your journey! Get ready to see the power of a dollar.

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"Billy on the Street With Chris Evans!!! (And Surprise Guests!)"

To celebrate the anniversary of Billy on the Street, as well as the show's Netflix debut, Eichner hits the streets with Chris Evans. Get ready for great Gina Gershon references, celebrity surprises, and Disney Plus commentary.

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"Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?"

Paul Rudd gets a hilarious confidence boost in this randomized poll of the New York City population. It turns out a lot of people are willing to have sex with Paul Rudd, and there's no shortage of hilarious one-liners.

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"Chris Pratt Lightning Round!"

We can't believe we live in a world where people don't know who Chris Pratt is, but apparently some New Yorkers are mistaking Pratt for some random VH1 star, a Star Wars newcomer, and even Chris Evans. Don't worry, Chris Pratt, we still love you.

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"Do Gay People Care About John Oliver?"

It turns out a large percentage of the gay population in New York City have no idea who John Oliver is. But, spoiler alert, they are big fans Wendy Williams.

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"Death Rogen! With Seth Rogen"

Billy Eichner gives Seth Rogen his Tom Sawyer moment in this episode. He tricks audience members into thinking Seth Rogen has passed away, so that Seth Rogen can witness their reactions as he plays cameraman.

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"Billy on the Street With Emma Stone!!!"

Billy Eichner gives us further evidence that Emma Stone is the bubble tea of humans in this episode. He might not have succeeded in convincing the actress to create an Instagram account, but we would definitely watch these two host a talk show.

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"Christmas Carol Ambush With Amy Poehler"

It would be our dream to be accosted by a dressed-up Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler on the streets. It would be even better if we all got to sing Christmas carols together. It turns out, however, this sentiment is not shared by many New Yorkers.

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"Lightning Round (Name a Woman!)"

It shouldn't be hard to name a woman, but when you're put on the spot, it can be a challenge. Watch the cringe-worthy interviews on this segment, and rejoice at the fact that it wasn't you he asked.

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"The New York Bubble With Stephen Colbert!"

Stephen Colbert and Billy Eichner team up for this wonderful investigation into the "New York Bubble." Get ready for some insightful political commentary.

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"It's Not Pitbull — It's Amy Poehler!"

We know we listed Amy Poehler segments twice on this list, but she's the MVP of celebrity cameos. The title is self-explanatory, but trust us when we say the big reveals are hilarious every time.

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"Quizzed in the Face With Elena"

We think Eichner met his match with this Quizzed in the Face segment. Let's just say this New York resident isn't taking sh*t from anyone.

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"It's Debra Messing, You Gays!"

Watch Eichner bring joy to the residents of New York City when he presents them with the gorgeous Debra Messing. We're not sure what workout this duo is doing in their spare time, but they manage to run all over the city.

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"Billy on the Street With the Jonas Brothers!!!!!"

We were elated when the Jonas Brothers announced their reunion, but apparently not everyone got the memo. Watch this adorable segment starring our favorite musical trio.

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"Watch Rachel Dratch Run the Julia Roberts Obstacle Course!"

Even without watching Julia Roberts's entire movie reel, we can still appreciate the hilarity that is this intense obstacle course. Rachel Dratch is a true sport, and is even willing to dip her entire arm into crude oil to find the pelican for the Pelican Brief portion.

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"Billy & Patton Oswalt: Does Shakira Know What This Is?"

We're huge fans of Patton Oswalt, and our fandom was even more solidified after this lightning round with Billy. In case you were wondering, Shakira does not know what L.L. Bean is nor Wisconsin, according to Oswalt.