#BookTok Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now

Getting lost in a good book happens quite often for me. Who can resist a good romantic storyline, a dystopian adventure, or a classic whodunit? But recently, I've discovered the joy of something else — getting swept away in #BookTok videos on TikTok. These users love books just as much as I do, and they post pretty rainbow displays of their bookshelves, books they could not put down this month, and what's in their TBR pile, plus funny reenactments of life as a book-lover. It's pure gold.

Find your next read and connect with other bookworms by following some of these awesome #BookTok accounts. Their witty insights and great recommendations are sure to brighten up your feed — after all, nothing brings people together like a good book.


@kellyygillann's book videos explore everything from great new books to read to why some of the most popular reads can be problematic to people of color, or those with disabilities. Her account mostly focuses on YA fiction that centers on stories of romance, fantasy, mystery, and everything in between.


Is it just me, or is it getting a little steamy in here? TikTok user @beautifulbitchbookreview calls herself a "romance warrior," and her page is filled with sexy book recommendations. You'll even find a few that made her laugh, and ones that are emotionally wrecking. So, basically, just like real-life love.


Twisty, psychological suspense books are some of my absolute favorites. Follow @thrillerbooklover for some spooky, creepy recommendations, and also for some really cool book merch.


Sure, we read them in school, but for fun? Classic literature can be complicated to get into — that old English grammar, though — but @lifebyesther makes it easy. Her TikTok recommends many great classic books that are interesting and easy to get into, especially for beginners who are new to the genre.


Follow @the.ones.about.books on TikTok for recommendations on fantasy books, to ask questions about authors, or to get tips on how to get into reading in the first place.


If you are looking for some great WLW (woman-loving-woman) books or other great LGBTQ+ content, follow @literarylesbian on TikTok. Her funny videos and diverse recommendations will have you reevaluating the books on your shelf (in a good way!).


This TikToker often makes videos giving recommendations for new books to read based on books you previously liked. She posts tons of great book content daily, often showing books about to come out and books she read that month, as well as just all-around funny videos.


TikTok user @moongirlreads_ posts about books that made her cry, fall in love, and kept her up at night, all in the YA genre. Who doesn't love a good cry after reading a book?


Ease your way into the romance genre by following @bookedj's book recs for beginners. You'll also find more YA novels, books to read specifically in the fall, pretty bookshelf inspirations, and more great book-related content.


Plot twists, fantastic book dedications, cliffhangers, interesting book covers — @crisreadsbooks talks about them all on her TikTok. Follow her for fun new ways to think about books, and for great recommendations.


Reading diverse books is always a good idea, and TikTok user @ezeekat makes it simple. He says, "Diversifying your bookshelf might seem daunting, but it's easier than you might think!" He suggests looking at authors' bios and making sure to include stories from people with different experiences, backgrounds, and cultures than you in your next book haul.


Teenagers saving the world in dystopian novels? Fantasy worlds of magic and adventure? We're here for it all! @abbysbooks often shares videos of her shelves, stuffed to the brim with stories just like these. She also shares her favorite nostalgic picks, reenactments of scenes from books, and lots of Harry Potter content.


Historical fiction isn't just a school requirement — it's actually a fascinating way to learn about the past through the eyes of relatable characters and young heroes. Follow @thebookplace for loads of historical recommendations, as well as YA fiction, books with female protagonists, underrated books, and more.


Once upon a time, @sophie.in_wonderland graced us with a TikTok full of beautiful fairy-tale book recommendations. She also reads aloud and recommends new releases, fantasy novels, nonfiction books, and more. Follow her and you'll never have an empty bookshelf again.


Whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, you will love the amazing picture books recommended by @kawaii.librarian. Her videos show books that fight toxic masculinity, picture books promoting girl power, weird picture books, picture books for pride, and more. (As a bonus, she also showcases her cute outfits and cats, so that's pretty great, too!)