20 TikTok Singers and Songwriters Just as Talented as Anyone on Spotify

As someone with no musical talent but a lot of time on my hands, I often find myself aimlessly scrolling through the depths of music TikTok. I'm not exactly sure how I landed there, but it seems like my entire "For You" page is filled with young musicians who are so incredibly talented. Some are singing amazing covers, some original songs, collaborating with big music names like Meghan Trainer and Charlie Puth, or even producing their own music and putting their songs on Spotify, Apple Music, and Sound Cloud. Keep reading to find some amazing young artists that will help add some absolute gems to your favorite music playlists.



@abigailbarloww was one of the first musicians I found on TikTok, and she already released her first EP earlier this year. If you're currently going through a breakup, her music will absolutely get you through it.



@dadlifejason became increasingly popular on TikTok when he posted videos singing his daughter and sharing their sweet moments together. He's now grown to have 3.2 million followers that are obsessed with his unique voice and adorable family.



Her first big hit titled "Stupid Boys" hit Spotify in July of 2020, and since then @thecassidi has been gaining followers and writing more original music.



You can find full version of this song, called "Don't Say His Name" on SoundCloud. @veanababy_ has such a soft, yet captivating voice that I cannot get enough of.



@rileyroth is a singer/songwriter from Nashville who is already signed with a record label. She primarily writes breakup anthems, but her more upbeat single "Parents" has been gaining a ton of traction on TikTok lately.



Out of all the artists on this list, I think @nadinemagee's voice is my absolute favorite. She primarily does covers and rewrites, and her voice is so clear and calming.



The talent that radiates from @cameron.goode is unsurpassable. Cameron is just 18 years old with such a distinct sound and incredible range, making Cameron so fun to listen to.



@maddiezahms was on American Idol two years ago but was kicked off the show and is now using social media to launch her music career. Her voice is incredible, and her TikTok is filled with her amazing original music.



@catburnss posts many fun covers to her TikTok page but actually has already released her own music on different streaming platforms. Her voice is extremely smooth, and she's an incredibly talented songwriter!



You may recognize @alexander23lol from his single "IDK You Yet," which went viral this year. His TikTok is filled with a ton of incredible unreleased music.



@londinthompson has such a beautiful voice and posts of ton of videos playing the piano and singing on her account. Her song titled "Wish It Would Rain" blew up in the spring of 2020 and brought her a ton of attention.



@kavyaborra posts a ton of singing videos but is very well known for her amazing harmonies and duets with other singers on the app.



@johntuckermusic is just 23 years old and already making his own music and creating some amazing covers. He recently covered a ton of songs from Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album that were all beautiful.



Many have compared @jessieannemurph to artists like Adele and Billie Eilish due to her covers, but she has really defined her voice and has started posting her own original work. Her voice is extremely unique and has such an incredible range.



At just 21 years old, @ashleydkutcher has music on Spotify and has gained a lot of attention lately after writing a song based on a tweet written by blackbear about rejection that really hits you right in the heart.



What really drew me to @imvalenciagrace was her extremely unique voice. She does both covers and original songs, but her voice is so consistently beautiful and interesting.



@naomijoyturner mostly posts the melody of the song that she opens up to other users to duet the harmonies. Sometimes, we get really lucky and she duets them herself.



Doing a combination of mostly duets and covers of popular songs, @jessenwalor always provides such beautiful music on his account laced with some humor and personality that make him so enjoyable to watch.



@catesabby has one of those voices that makes me feel so calm and comforted. Her voice is extremely mellow with an unbelievable range.



@clintonkane writes some of the most raw, emotional songs I've ever heard, and his voice is so well suited for all the emotion behind his lyrics.