You'll Definitely Want to Keep an Eye on These 17 Up-and-Coming Music Artists

It seems like some of the most popular young artists in music such as Billie Eilish, Khalid, and H.E.R. gained stardom overnight and have taken over the charts. Their catchy tunes are definitely worth the recognition, but we're starting to sense the emergence of even more talented young performers whose popularity could blow up pretty soon. From Kiana Ledé to Sabrina Carpenter, check out the blossoming virtuosos you'll want to keep an eye on!

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Kiana Ledé, 22

The first thing I did after hearing Ledé's jam "Easy Breezy" was tell my editor, "That 'Easy Breezy' song by Kiana Ledé BUMPS." The same can be said about the LA-based singer's hits "Can I" and "Bouncin" as she sings about romantic longings. But Ledé — who starred in MTV's Scream — also knows how to slow the tempo, as evinced by "EX." You know what we call that? Range.

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Ayoni, 20

You'll want to give this Barbadian singer a listen if you're into dreamy vocals and breezy vibes. Her debut album, Iridescent, is a gorgeous journey through life, love, and finding inner peace. Standout tunes such as "Divine" and "Wife You Up" emphasize self-confidence and self-worth with resounding hooks that will keep you dancing from start to finish.

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Sabrina Claudio, 23

Claudio has worked with the likes of Zayn and 6lack, which is right on par with her smooth R&B-pop sound. The singer, who hails from Miami, FL, continuously delivers bops for nights out and in with that special someone — or anyone, really.

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Arlo Parks, 19

The next time you're pensively looking out a window on a chilly day, we suggest playing any song from this artist and LGBTQ+ advocate. Her music will warm you right up and send you into a trance as she croons about lost love and growing pains.

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Amir Kelly, 22

It won't take long for you to start body-rolling your way through Kelly's songs. Between his singles "Eden" and "Maui," this singer from Riverside, CA, is on the come-up, and we're looking forward to more.

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Claud, 20

Claud, a Brooklyn-based nonbinary indie artist, creates jams that fuse '80s beats with modern transcendental elements, so set their songs on repeat for a time-warped experience.

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Clairo, 21

With airy sounds and delicate notes, Clairo's music sounds like a Pinterest board coming to life. "Pretty Girl," "Bags," and "4EVER" are among some of her best hits, each of them vacillating between topics such as friendship, romance, and beauty standards.

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Jess Connelly, 25

This R&B singer uses her Filipino roots and Australia ties to explore love and relationships. Her songs — which are usually imbued with dulcet sounds — often challenge gender norms while offering a look into Connelly's journey of self-exploration.

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Mxmtoon, 18

With over two million monthly Spotify listeners and 200,000 YouTube subscribers, it's only a matter of time before this California-based singer makes her way to the top of your playlist. Tapping into themes of love and self-confidence, Mxmtoon (pronounced "em-ex-em-toon") uses music to show a vulnerable side of herself that many can relate to. One of her most popular songs is "Feelings Are Fatal," but her latest single, "Prom Dress," is certainly worth a listen.

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Tayla Parx, 25

Parx has more than likely written some of your favorite songs, believe it or not. The Texas-born talent is one of the masterminds behind Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next," Panic! at the Disco's "High Hopes," Janelle Monáe's "I Like That," and so many more bops. But she's stepping out from working behind the scenes with her latest album We Need to Talk, and her smooth vocals prove that she has all the potential to take over the music scene.

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Dodie, 24

Thirty seconds into Dodie's tune "Monster" and you'll know the English singer-songwriter is destined to make it big. Her faint croons have a captivating touch of fantasy and uppity beats, yet heavy undertones that address darker themes such as loss and failed love. Check out her latest single, "Guiltless," after breezing through her recent album Human.

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Montaigne, 23

With vocals that ring in your ears like a melodious battle cry, this queer, Sydney-based Latin pop artist is bound to sing her way to the top. In 2016, she won the best breakthrough artist award at Australia's ARIA Music Awards for her debut album Glorious Heights, and she's continued to captivate listeners with her extraordinary sound. Not only is her voice powerful, but the messages behind her music — such as embracing your identity and addressing climate change — are equally as impactful.

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Melii, 22

Melii started gaining traction after her remix of Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" went viral. Rihanna also used her song "Icy" during a Fenty Beauty product preview on Instagram in May 2018, giving her even more attention. The Harlem singer and rapper now has her own music out, and her distinctive sound — inspired by her Dominican, Cuban, and French roots — is sure to catapult her into a successful career.

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Kailee Morgue, 20

Morgue's sultry sound is undoubtedly impressive. Best of all, she doesn't shy away from showing her wild side. One of her popular jams, "Siren," alludes to a woman luring in a love interest who can't seem to resist her wild seductions. And in her latest single, "Headcase" with Hayley Kiyoko, she proudly declares, "I'm a headcase / F*ckin' crazy / I'm a heartbreak / I warned you." We love a woman who embraces her wild side but still cautions people about it. Don't be surprised if you start to hear more about this Arizona-born songstress.

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Baum, 22

If this alt-pop artist's hypnotizing vocals aren't enough to reel you in, her captivating music videos should be. Whether she's embracing a woman's choice to have a casual hookup in "F*ckboy" or opening up about loss and grief in "Bad Kid," the native New Yorker fluoresces confidence through her craft.

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Sabrina Carpenter, 20

You probably know Carpenter from Disney Channel's series Girl Meets World and the film The Hate U Give, but her music career seems like it's only beginning. Carpenter — who's originally from Pennsylvania — already has some serious jams (i.e., "Sue Me" and "Paris"), and we're anxiously waiting for her to really break out in the music industry.