We've Officially "Fallin" For This Home Video of Billie Eilish Singing Alicia Keys

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When Alicia Keys hosts The Late Late Show With James Corden, you know it's going to be filled with special moments, but we weren't quite ready for this special moment: Billie Eilish sharing a home video of her "Fallin'" cover at a talent show, a song which just so happens to be my old faithful Singstar tune of choice — a classic.

After Eilish and Keys both declared their love and respect for both each other and their work (we'll just be over here hoping for a 2020 collaboration), the 17-year-old Grammy-nominated singer announced to Keys — and the audience — that she had a "little surprise" for everyone. "A year before 'Ocean Eyes' came out, which you covered, which is crazy, I did a cover of 'Fallin' at a talent show aged 12," Eilish excitedly said. The video then rolled, and Keys was as enthusiastic — not to mention impressed — as we are with 12-year-old Eilish's skills. Don't just take our word for it: watch the short snippet for yourself.