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Bridgerton Halloween Costumes

You'll Be the Talk of the Town With These "Bridgerton" Halloween Costumes

Bridgerton Halloween Costumes
Image Source: Netflix

We have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of "Bridgerton" Halloween costumes this year. Following its release in December 2020, the Netflix series has gained a huge following for its talented cast, dramatic plot lines, and, of course, stunning wardrobe. Season two in March 2022 added even more sparkling characters to the mix, including the effervescent Kate and Edwina Sharma. If you've secretly wished you could be part of the "Bridgerton" universe, now is your chance to dress up as Daphne, Simon, and the rest of the fan-favorite characters.

Back in April, the series's costume designer Sophie Canale spoke to POPSUGAR about creating the iconic looks. She explained that every character has their own color palette that sets them apart. And some of the colors were used to symbolize the characters' journeys. "With Anthony, he's in very dark colors," she explained. "We see, as [he and Kate Sharma] move along together, he becomes lighter and lighter and uses the teals to transition between the two characters."

Thankfully, you shouldn't have too much trouble putting together a look that will let you be the diamond of the Halloween season. Many costume shops are already stocked with the show's Regency-period attire, but you can also create a modernized version of the looks with the clothes from your closet. Ahead, here are some of our ideas of how you can make your "Bridgerton" Halloween costume ideas come to life.

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