This TikToker Has Been Remaking Movie Scenes and Somebody Get This Man a Netflix Deal

I love a good movie night with popcorn and M&Ms. Lying on the couch under a weighted blanket and watching a classic like Mean Girls is just so relaxing! But I have to say, after watching some hilarious scene recreations by Charles Brockman III (@theonlycb3) on TikTok, I'll never watch some of my favorites the same again. His humorous antics, exaggerated movements, and added personal flair are fabulously memorable and LOL-worthy, and they can even take the seriousness away from the scariest scenes. Movies ranging from Us to The Polar Express to To All the Boys: Always and Forever are included, believe it or not! For 17 examples that will keep you laughing and nodding your head the entire time, keep reading.

A Week Away

Honey: Rise Up and Dance

To All the Boys: Always and Forever


High School Musical 2


Camp Rock 2

Mean Girls




The Polar Express

The Cheetah Girls

The Kissing Booth

Hannah Montana: The Movie