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Charlie Puth "Girlfriend" Music Video

Charlie Puth Is an Adorably Awkward Dinner Date in His Quirky "Girlfriend" Music Video

If you've ever daydreamed about going out with Charlie Puth, please allow the "Girlfriend" music video to make a strong case for why he would make the most adorably awkward dinner date. While Puth has been busy serenading fans at home over the last few months, the song is his first official solo release of 2020, and the music video takes the song's romantic message to a whole new (and much quirkier) level.

Some notable moments include:

  • When he orders four different kinds of takeout
  • When he dances on the furniture with a broom
  • When he checks himself out in the mirror
  • When he drinks straight from the champagne bottle
  • When he sings into a wooden spoon while making dinner
  • When he sprays his entire apartment and himself with air freshener
  • When he forgets to answer the door for his date

"I've never released a music video that wholeheartedly showed my personality," Puth said. "The video for 'Girlfriend' is the first time I've truly been myself in every aspect. I can't cook and I'm an absolute nerd. It's also meant to visually represent what I want people to do when they hear my music and that's to have fun in their very own way." Somehow, this slightly eccentric and supercute video only makes us love him even more. Watch the full video here to see all of Puth's most adorable "Girlfriend" moments.

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