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Ciara's Best Songs From the Early 2000s

15 Early 2000s Ciara Songs That Will Slap Until the End of Time

Ciara's Best Songs From the Early 2000s
Image Source: YouTube user ciara

I'll never forget receiving Ciara's 2004 debut album Goodies as a Christmas gift when I was 8 years old. My older sister already had the CD, but I couldn't stand asking for her permission to borrow it every time I wanted to jam out to the 13-track masterpiece. So when I unwrapped the plastic cover and beheld the image of Ciara rocking the pink hoodie, I squealed and played the heck out of that disk.

Fast forward to this year on Oct. 1 when I had the honor of meeting Ciara at her Beauty Marks tour in New York City. Memories of dancing to "Hotline" and "1, 2 Step" in my bedroom whirled as I prepared to come face to face with the singer. When I finally stepped into her presence, I was taken aback by two things.

One, she's somehow even more gorgeous and kind in person than you could ever imagine based on what you see online. (I was so in awe, I barely managed to muster up the courage to say, "It's nice to meet you" before we hugged and posed for a quick snap.) And two, that woman is fit. Like, fit fit. It's no wonder she partnered with wellness drink company Drinkfinity — which recently unveiled a new stainless steel, vacuum-insulated bottle — to stay healthy and hydrated throughout the tour.

During the show, Ciara rocked the house as she performed some of her recent bops ("Level Up," "Set," "Thinkin Bout You"), but I can't even begin to describe how my inner child leapt forth when she crooned early hits, such as "Like a Boy," "That's Right," and "Lose Control." It took me back to simpler times before I had to pay bills and rent. When I got home, I immediately fell down the rabbit hole of revisiting some of Ciara's best early 2000s bangers. Now, I'd like you to join me in said rabbit hole. Keep reading to listen to her best throwbacks jams!

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