Yes, Bachelor and Bachelorette Contestants Have Real Jobs — These Are the Best Ones

We've seen some interesting job titles throughout dozens of seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. How does a "Tickle Monster" make money anyway? But those ridiculous occupations that show up on the screen don't always say a contestant's actual career. They're usually just for a laugh. Believe it or not, the real-life jobs are even more interesting than those conversation-starting non-job jobs that are flashed in front of our eyes. When they're not busy falling in love with someone they met a few weeks ago, here are some of the best, funniest, cool, or just straight-up interesting jobs that contestants have had over the years.

Joe Amabile — Grocery Store Owner

Bachelor Nation fell in love with "Grocery Store Joe" on the first night of season 14 of The Bachelorette. That's also when he was sent home, but he ended up on Bachelor in Paradise season five and fell in love with Kendall Long. She's a lucky woman, because who wouldn't want to date a guy with an unlimited supply of snacks?

Catherine Agro — DJ

By day, Catherine is a commercial real estate agent. But when the sun goes down, DJ Agro steps up to the ones and twos to spin hip-hop on the Fort Lauderdale, FL, club scene. Too bad we didn't get to see her musical skills while she was on season 23 of The Bachelor!

Evan Bass — Erectile Dysfunction Specialist

We first heard about Evan's job on season 12 of The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher. Although he's an erectile dysfunction specialist, it doesn't seem like Evan has any issues of his own down there. He met his now-wife Carly Waddell on season three of Bachelor in Paradise, and they have a daughter together with another child on the way — plus, Evan has three sons!

Alex Blumberg — Dog Rescuer

We didn't get to learn a lot about Alex on season 23 of The Bachelor, but we're so glad we know that she runs CAARE Rescue, a dog rescue business. Alex has saved nearly 5,000 dogs from slaughter, which means she might as well change her job title to "Angel."

John Graham — Founding Employee of Venmo

Let's all take a second to thank John from season 14 of The Bachelorette for his part in launching the Venmo app. In fact, he was the fifth person hired on the money transfer app, so we bet he makes a pretty penny.

Jillian Anderson — Producer With Fox News Channel

You probably remember Jillian from season 19 of The Bachelor, where her butt was constantly being covered with a black box when she wore in a bikini. From there, she went on to Bachelor in Paradise season two, but didn't find her happily ever after. Jillian has held various roles at Fox News Channel, and now she works as a producer and publicist where she works with various companies.

Paige Vigil — Jumbotron Operator

Paige Vigil — Jumbotron Operator

Ever wanted to be on the Kiss Cam? Maybe Paige, from The Bachelor season 17 and Bachelor Pad season three, can help! She was a Jumbotron Operator for the digital-out-of-home network in Times Square for MTV.

Jonathan Novack — Weatherman

If you turn on ABC 7, you might spot Jonathan as the meteorologist and feature reporter. He was on The Bachelorette season six and Bachelor Pad season one.

Shawntel Newton — Funeral Home Director

Not many people could do this job, but Shawntel got to give Brad Womack an inside look at her day-to-day life during their hometown date on season 15 of The Bachelor.