We'll Likely Never Get Over Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon's Hysterical Wedding Skit on SNL

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Saturday Night Live could've at least warned us before putting Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon in the same skit because whew, their combined talent is almost too much to handle. In a sketch that aired during Levy's SNL hosting debut, the two comedic geniuses attend and hilariously interrupt the wedding of their friend Carrie (Ego Nwodim). When the priest asks the guests if there are any objections, Levy and McKinnon sheepishly stand up and offer their very ambiguous thoughts on Carrie's fiancé, Mark (Mikey Day), totally beating around the bush the whole time.

"Mark-wise, it's sort of like . . . no, it's good. He's good," McKinnon says, skirting around her uncertainty. When Carrie directly asks Levy and McKinnon how they feel about her soon-to-be husband, their voice pitches get higher and higher until they're practically squealing like mice. It's not until Mark finally stands up for himself that they have a change of heart and suddenly find him attractive, with a very flustered Levy hysterically asserting, "Mark is hot . . . congratulations, you guys! We love this now!" Watch the two stars flawlessly play off one another in the full skit above, and then be sure to check out Levy in this on-point Zillow ad spoof right after if you haven't already. All in favor of McKinnon and Levy hosting an award show together, please say "aye."