Daniel Kaluuya Yelling at a Dog Park Pretty Much Sums Up the Chaos of His SNL Episode

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We weren't sure what to expect from Daniel Kaluuya during his first time as host of Saturday Night Live on April 3. Whatever expectations we might've had went out the window as soon as we saw Ego Nwodim shut down Kaluuya's impression of her pug in one of the night's standout sketches. Nwodim fully embodies THOSE dog people, the ones who almost exclusively own items in the shape of their pampered pooch, as she angrily says, "That's not how she talks. She's not stupid." Apparently, dogs aren't supposed to have British accents. Who knew?

As if that wasn't enough, Kaluuya drops the mic on Nwodim and Andrew Dismukes with his revelation that — gasp! — "dogs don't talk." "This is my park. I run this b*tch. I flirt with all the girlies out here," Dismukes adds before getting into one of the most ridiculous exchanges with Kaluuya we've ever seen. Seriously, they yell "Yah" and "Nah" at each other like it's 2011. It's something that has to be seen to be believed, and you can do so with the full video above.