Darren Criss Gifted Us Some Glee Secrets in Honor of the 10th Anniversary of His Debut

From the moment Blaine Anderson grabbed Kurt Hummel's hand and ran through the hall, I was sold on Darren Criss being a part of Glee. Nov. 9 marked the official 10th anniversary of Criss's first appearance as Blaine on the show, and he celebrated it the only way a Gleek could: live-streaming his reaction as he rewatched his debut episode.

Throughout the IGTV, Criss let fans in on behind-the-scenes tidbits, including how he felt about the show picking Warblers to make him look as tiny as possible before singing along to the iconic "Teenage Dream" performance. He also shared a couple of photos from filming on Instagram, captioning the post, "People always tell me how Glee changed their life, and I'm always happy to remind them how yeah, it changed mine too."

What's even wilder than the fact it's been 10 years since Blaine first appeared and five years since the show went off the air, is the fact that Criss pretty much looks the same now as he did then. Now, if only he would bust out the Warbler blazer, I'd be a very happy Gleek.