Demi Lovato Watches Camp Rock With Her Boyfriend and Cracks Up Over the Awkwardness

This is real, this is Demi! Demi Lovato recently revisited her Camp Rock days, and she brought boyfriend Max Ehrich along for the ride. The couple watched her 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie on Saturday night, and although the "I Love Me" singer felt a little uncomfortable watching her old scenes, it definitely kept her laughing.

"The amount of awkward f*cking things I did in this movie.... I can't," she wrote on Instagram over a shot from a scene she shares with costar Alyson Stoner. Lovato kept teasing herself after taking a pic of a scene with Joe Jonas: "I told yall — how awkward am I?!!!!"

Embarrassment aside, Lovato also got to revisit her favorite moments that are packed with nostalgia. "It's crazy when I watch this now I see @maddelagarza," she noted, referencing her sister, Madison De La Garza. She also reminded fans that "Our Time Is Here" is actually the best Camp Rock song, no question. "This sh*t still slaps not gonna lie," she wrote. Ahead, check out the commentary from her movie night with Ehrich.

Instagram | ddlovato