Demi Lovato Calls an Ex in New Song With Winnetka Bowling League

New Demi Lovato music is on the way! The 29-year-old singer teased their upcoming single "F*ck It. I Miss You" with the band Winnetka Bowling League on Instagram on Friday, telling fans it's "coming soon." Lovato shared a selfie alongside a snippet from the new song. In a recorded voicemail, the singer tells their presumed former partner, "Hey, I've been trying to reach you. Funny, time moves on, maybe I should too. . ." They then admit, "F*ck it. I miss you."

Winnetka Bowling League also shared a voicenote from the viewpoint of the lead singer Matthew Koma. "Hey, uhhm, I know you moved on, so, I'm trying too . . . F*ck it. I miss you." The band warned in a message on Twitter that we should "get ready to cry." It's unclear who the song is about, but we're excited even if it's sad. The single debuts on Feb. 4. Listen to the preview ahead.