The Orange Is the New Black Postcredits Scene Is a Perfect Farewell to the Series

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Postcredits scenes are pretty normal in major movies now, and they're slowly finding their way into TV as well. Orange Is the New Black has taken this to a new level, though, with its postcredits "scene" at the end of the series finale, now streaming on Netflix. It's not an Easter egg, a fun gag, or a new bit of information about any of the characters. In fact, the bonus scene isn't even a "scene" at all.

As the end credits roll on the final episode of the final season, a series of clips begin to play of the cast, no longer in character, saying tearful goodbyes to the show, their characters, and each other. The actors playing the guards share a hug, while some of the "inmates" share final words with the camera. Lori Tan Chinn (who plays Mai) drops a Die Hard reference (and an F-bomb) with a "Yippee-ki-yay, mother f*ckers. Elizabeth Rodriguez, whose character Aleida wrapped a seriously emotional storyline, reflects simply that "Everything ends."

The remaining original characters get the final words in. Uzo Aduba gestures "I see you," while Danielle Brooks sweeps us all a bow and Kate Mulgrew blows us all a kiss. Taylor Schilling, who's played protagonist Piper from the very beginning, simply waves goodbye. Everyone is crying and hugging, and it's hard not to get emotional just watching them. Even more emotional: the entire goodbye sequence that plays over the credits is underscored by "Seasons," an original song written and performed by Brooks just for the show.

"I tried to get as many of the girls' names in the song [as I could], and as many of the memories from the show in the song," she told Refinery29. "The last day [on set], I sang 'Seasons' to the entire cast and crew. . . . We've spent seven years together. That's longer than high school or college!" Brooks said. "We were there for each other's weddings and baby showers. Life has changed for a lot of us. But we've stayed very tight." It's an emotional and fitting tribute to a cast and crew that's been together for seven years, and for an audience that's stayed with them the entire time.