Nearly 2 Straight Minutes of Dwight Schrute Yelling "Michael" on The Office

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You know when you hear a word repeated so many times that it starts to sound like a completely foreign language? Welp, you'll feel overcome by that exact phenomenon while watching this supercut of every time Dwight Schrute says "Michael" on The Office. Recently shared on the show's official YouTube page, the montage is a glorious trip down memory lane, cramming footage from all nine seasons of the NBC series into a one-minute-and-40-second highlight reel that's honestly a bit dizzying to watch.

Although Dwight, portrayed by Rainn Wilson, usually sticks to identifying Dunder Mifflin's beloved regional manager by first name, he sometimes throws in "Scott" for even more dramatic effect. The compilation even includes a snippet of Jim Halpert pretending to be Dwight and yelling "Michael!" while in disguise, and it concludes with Michael and (real) Dwight's heartwarming reunion in The Office's series finale. Watch the hysterical video above for your daily dose of nostalgia, which, in the wise words of Mr. Schrute himself, is "truly one of the greatest human weaknesses, second only to the neck."