Eddie Redmayne on Living in LA With Old Friends Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson

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On April 6, Eddie Redmayne stopped by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," where he reminisced about his early days in Hollywood when he was close friends with Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Dornan, Charlie Cox, and Tom Sturridge.

"When you were first starting out, you had some pretty famous roommates," host Jimmy Fallon said to the actor. Redmayne added that all of this happened about 15 years ago. He explained, "There's this thing in England in the winter, it rains a lot. And in LA, it's really sunny, and there's this thing called pilot season. And so, all these kind of out-of-work English actors go over to LA to try and get work, which we tend not to get. But what we would do is just, like, be in the sunshine and then sort of call home and tell our families that we were working incredibly hard."

"But there was this group of us, and some of us lived together, some of us didn't," he continued. "But we would always go and hang out and play. And none of us got jobs. And then someone would get a job and sort of go stratospheric, and and then the rest of us would sit back."

Redmayne revealed that one of their favorite ways to pass the time was to play ping-pong, and that Garfield was a "fierce" player. "You know when you play tennis and someone comes with like a bag and maybe with two rackets?" he asked. "I just remember once playing with Andrew, and he turned up and he turned up with a ping-pong bat in a like case. I was like, 'He is not messing around.' But he's a very good ping-pong player."

Redmayne also poked fun at his old friends, telling Fallon. "I read something about like how Jamie was sort of bemoaning the fact of how stressful it was going to a club with Rob because everyone would look at Rob and no one would look at him." Redmayne added with a laugh, "I was like, 'Dude. Try being me, man.' . . . Jamie, face of Calvin Klein, billboards in New York, six-pack. Cry me a river."

Redmayne then teased Pattinson and Sturridge for that they did when they were actors first starting out. He explained, "Each of us had our own audition technique. And Rob and Tom's was always like whatever the scene appears to be on the page, you do the complete opposite. And so I would be sitting outside, and I thought it was a quiet, intimate scene, and I just hear sort of shrieks inside the room." He continued, "We're basically all desperately trying to find our way to like stand out from the crowd."

Watch the clip above to see Redmayne chat about his old friends!