"Euphoria" Is Now HBO's Second-Most-Watched Show

Between all the memes and fan theories, "Euphoria" is having a moment! Following the show's highly anticipated season two finale, Variety reports that "Euphoria" pulled in 16.3 million viewers, making it HBO's second-most-watched series. In 2019, "Game of Thrones" saw 19.4 million viewers for its season eight finale. As if that wasn't impressive enough, "Euphoria" is also the most-tweeted TV show of the decade in the US with a whopping 34 million tweets.

Directed and executive produced by Sam Levinson, the Emmy Award-winning drama starring Zendaya follows the lives of East Highland High School students as they navigate love, loss, addiction, and trauma. The show was recently criticized by D.A.R.E. for glorifying substance abuse and "anonymous sex." Ahead of its season two finale, "Euphoria" was renewed for a third season, which likely won't air until 2024.