Kiersey Clemons Makes a Chilling Discovery in Exclusive Scene From Blumhouse's Sweetheart

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Palm trees swaying in the breeze . . . sunshine beaming down on you . . . the sound of the ocean rushing up over sand . . . it sounds like the perfect vacation, right? Not if you're Kiersey Clemons.

The actress stars in Sweetheart, which sees her character struggling to survive alone on a remote island following a shipwreck. Without giving away too much, she soon discovers that in addition to figuring out how to find food and water, she has to contend with a bloodthirsty threat that also calls the island home, making her ordeal that much more terrifying. Luckily for you, we have an exclusive clip from the film for you to check out that features her character spotting something deeply unsettling.

Sweetheart hails from scary movie powerhouse Blumhouse and has already become one of our top picks for the best horror movies of the year. Check out the scene from the film above, and be sure to watch it (with the lights on, probably) when it premieres on digital and on demand on Oct. 22.