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How Is Floor Is Lava Made?

Please Enjoy This Very Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Video About the Making of Floor Is Lava

Floor Is Lava is one of the best new shows added to Netflix in 2020. And by best, we mean most ridiculous. The competition show, inspired by an age-old game played by kids in their living rooms, has groups of three make their way through themed obstacles courses surrounded entirely by treacherous lava — or, you know, some sort of mystery goo. Nearly a month after the show's arrival, Netflix shared a fascinating video detailing how the show and its sets came together.

For starters, a production village and test space was set up in a former Ikea. Then, over the course of six weeks, the various sets were built by a construction team, with each and every prop being built from scratch, hand-painted, and tested for safety. Certain parts of the course were also set up in a pool in the parking lot, where stunt people of varying skills and physical abilities would give them a shot.

As for the lava, the production team got help from the chemistry lab responsible for a lot of the slime shown in Alien and Ghostbusters. A special effects team also rigged various contraptions to make the lava bubble up during inopportune times for contestants. As a result, nearly 2,000 towels were used a day to clean up the edges of the set. Our favorite tidbit, however, might be the fact that contestants initially thought they were applying for a show called Devil's Run. (That's probably coming to Netflix in 2021, right?) Watch the video above to learn more Floor Is Lava production secrets.

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