Florence Pugh Explains How She's Such an Accent Master and Why She "Loved" Filming in New Jersey

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Florence Pugh is a master of accents, and it turns out they come naturally for her. The actor tells POPSUGAR, "I really love accents. I love doing accents." Pugh has played quite a few American characters, including Amy March in "Little Women" and Allison in her new film "A Good Person," but she doesn't find it particularly difficult. "Funny enough, when I'm acting, it's really not that hard," she explains. Pugh finds it much more challenging to slip into an accent when she's around friends and family to tell a quick joke. "I always screw it up," she says.

However, while filming "A Good Person," she would sometimes slip into using a word Americans don't normally use, and Zach Braff — who wrote and directed the film — would point it out to her. "He'd be like, 'No one would ever say shall in America.' I was like, 'Oh, sorry,'" she remembers with a laugh.

One of the best parts of filming this movie for Pugh was getting to see New Jersey, where Braff grew up and famously set his 2004 movie "Garden State." Pugh and Braff dated for about three years, breaking up in 2022, but they remain good friends. "I loved it. I loved living there," she says of Jersey. "I loved being a local there." While filming, she often went on runs with her dog, Billy, and got to see the gorgeous architecture of Maplewood for herself. Some of the film's most pivotal scenes take place at a pond in the neighborhood that Braff used to visit often growing up. "I felt like I was kind of stepping into Zach's world and Zach's brain and Allie's world," she says.

One part of Pugh's job she cherishes is the chance to connect with so many other actors, like her "A Good Person" costar Morgan Freeman. "Whenever I get to work with these, all of these legends, these like greats, I end up becoming mates with them, which is quite strange," she explains. "I wouldn't have expected to be friends with Scarlett Johansson, but now I am. We text all the time. I wouldn't have expected to be friends with Morgan Freeman now, but now I am."

Watch the video above for the rest of our conversation with Pugh, including how she approached singing for the film and how she spent the very first paycheck she got for acting.