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Watch These Funny Movies on Netflix For a First Date

23 Funny Netflix Movies Perfect For a Low-Key First Date

Watch These Funny Movies on Netflix For a First Date
Image Source: Everett Collection

Picture it: the person down the hall that you low-key have a crush on finally makes a move and you set up a first date. Awesome. You decide to invite them over for a very chill and very budget-friendly movie night. The question is: what do you watch? Netflix obviously has a little bit of everything, but going with a comedy might help keep the mood upbeat and fun. From love and romance to slapstick comedy, Netflix has the perfect movies to watch on your laid-back first date.

Will she choose the handsome contractor in Falling Inn Love? Will Adam Sandler and David Spade get away with faking their death in The Do Over? Is security guard Paul Blart really going to try to take down criminal masterminds in Paul Blart: Mall Cop? Whatever the ending may be, these movies have one thing in common. They're all Netflix comedies that'll be the perfect choice for a first-date movie night.

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