Game of Thrones: Fans Are Laughing AND Crying Over the Reunion-Packed Season Premiere

The following post contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones season eight premiere.

After what felt an eternity — or 595 days, to be specific — Game of Thrones returned, and it was filled with more action and reunions than we anticipated for one single episode.

During Sunday night's season eight premiere, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow arrive with the Unsullied and Dothraki armies in Winterfell, bringing a whole lot of tension on horseback. Sansa and Daenerys clash over power, and I actually might've cheered at my TV when the Lady of Winterfell called out the obvious regarding Cersei Lannister's broken promise to join her forces with theirs. But in the wise words of Brandon Stark, "We don't have time for all this!"

From the moment Sam really rips off the Band-Aid and tells Jon of his true lineage while in the crypts, to the glimpse of Jaime Lannister's face when he sees his "old friend" Bran waiting for him, it's safe to say the premiere episode answers a few of the looming questions fans had, and the internet most definitely had some feelings. Ahead, see how fans reacted to the final season premiere of the beloved show.