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Halsey “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” Music Video

Halsey Shows 2 Very Different Sides of Her Personality in "Finally // Beautiful Stranger" Video

Halsey dropped two songs and a music video on Friday morning and we're calling it early — both songs are damn good. In one song, "Suga's Interlude", Halsey and BTS's Suga sing and rap about the difficulties that come with achieving your dreams. It's a soulful and heartbreakingly beautiful track.

Halsey's second song of the day, "Finally // Beautiful Stranger", puts her front and center. In the music video, she appears to be showing two sides of her personality — the version of herself that's on the inside and the side she shows the rest of the world on stage. One second, she giving a stripped-back performance on stage in an empty bar at the end of the night, and the next, she's giving a sugary-sweet performance, complete with a glitter guitar and full glam hair and makeup. Watch the full video for "Finally // Beautiful Stranger" above before heading here to listen to "Suga's Interlude." Both songs will be featured on Halsey's upcoming album, Manic, which is due for release on Jan. 17, 2020.

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