It's Hard "To Be So Lonely" When We Have Harry Styles's Tiny Desk Concert to Comfort Us

I know we all love a good Harry Styles performance, but there's something about his supersoothing debut on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series that might be my new favorite. Backed solely by his touring band, the singer performed a few songs from his sophomore album, Fine Line, for a low-key jam session that will soothe any nerves instantly.

"I've never done a show like this before . . . It just feels like you're in the way," he joked, noting that he doesn't have a "real job," so he doesn't even know what day it was. We will happily take all his bops over him knowing if it's Monday or Tuesday!

Between performances of "Cherry," "Watermelon Sugar," and "To Be So Lonely," Styles talked about the process of writing his album and explained the stories behind a few of the songs. He shared how a day off in Nashville led to "Watermelon Sugar" and described how "Adore You" attempts to illustrate the feeling of lovesickness. (Yes, for a fish.) From Styles's dulcet tones to his genuine joy at performing and obvious intimacy with his band, the entire concert is a delight. Watch the video above!