How Many Episodes Is I May Destroy You? We'll Be Watching For Weeks to Come

HBO's new drama I May Destroy You handles disturbing issues with a darkly humorous touch, and it's got plenty of episodes to cover its storylines. The BBC-HBO coproduction will have a full season of episodes for its debut, rather than a short-season format. Here's how long you can expect to keep watching the buzzy new show.

The series currently has a total of 12 episodes scheduled to air over the course of the first season. In an unusual arrangement, the British-American coproduction actually airs its episodes in the US first, as opposed to the other way around (which more frequently happens with transatlantic productions). HBO aired the series premiere on the night of June 7, followed by its debut in the UK the following night, on June 8.

This pattern, however, is not scheduled to hold for the rest of the season. In the US, HBO is airing one new episode of I May Destroy You each Sunday night, starting with the June 7 premiere and running through the finale on Aug. 24. In the UK, however, viewers will get a different sort of schedule. Two episodes air each week on BBC One: one on Monday, one on Tuesday. As a result of this scheduling difference, British viewers will finish the series more than a month ahead of US fans; the UK finale is scheduled for July 14.

At the moment, the future of the series has not been confirmed past the first season. It wasn't specifically ordered as a limited series or miniseries, but with only a few episodes having aired so far, HBO and BBC One have yet to make a decision about any potential second season or beyond. I May Destroy You stars Michaela Coel, who also created and codirected the series, loosely inspired by a real-life experience. We'll have to wait and see if the show is renewed, but there are plenty of episodes to come in the meantime.